“In our hype-infested society, honest and positive word of mouth can multiply sales explosively. But for those who think it happens by chance (as most marketers do), this book will be an eye-opener. The surprising truth is that word of mouth can be implemented as strategically as any other form of marketing–and at significantly lower cost! This is especially good news for any seller of products or services who must maximize every marketing dollar. Central to this book is the innovative Decision Matrix, which helps readers identify who their potential buyers are and what messages those prospects need to hear from friends, coworkers, and trusted advisors. This matrix is followed by step-by-step guidance on how to construct an integrated “no vested interest” campaign that leverages all channels (including traditional media, the Internet, and PR), penetrates successive tiers of audiences, and builds sales exponentially. Marketers will learn how to: * Target the predominate adopter type (innovator, early, middle, late, laggard) * Create the content–the actual words–needed to accelerate the process * Identify the sources and delivery mechanisms that will be most persuasive * Use the wide variety of methods that trigger runaway word of mouth.”

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Praise for Selling Luxury

“Geneviève and Robin have brought together their talents to create a book that gives all Sales Ambassadors the fundamentals in selling and building customer loyalty.”
Hamida Belkadi, CEO, De Beers Diamond Jewellers, USA

“Selling Luxury is filled with ways of exceeding each client’s expectations through offering a service that surprises and delights.”
Aaron Simpson, Group Executive Chairman, Quintessentiall

What does it take to sell high-end luxury creations to the richest clients in the world? In Selling Luxury, Robin Lent and Genevieve Tour, with thirty years of combined experience, share their savoir-faire. You’ll also pick up tips from multi-million dollar luxury sales professionals who will help you understand the complexities of the universe of luxury. Selling Luxury will show you how a salesperson can acquire Sales Ambassador status by offering the impeccable service associated with the world’s most prestigious brands.

List Price: $29.95

Price: $21.60

You save: $8.35

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Integrate your mobile marketing program and take your brand to the next level

Mobile marketing is finally entering the forefront of the marketing realm as megabrands roll out million-dollar budgets and small businesses have turned to the channel for its affordability, measurability, and repeatable successes in producing sales and driving engagement and loyalty. Through insights from bold industry visionaries and fellow mobile pioneers, Mobilized Marketing takes readers through campaigns worth repeating and others that are not. Learn the many roads that marketers can take and the proven strategies and tactics that move products and build loyalty through the consumer’s most personal device.

With examples from the more than 130,000 campaigns developed by mobile marketing leader Hipcricket, Mobilized Marketing breaks down how brands of all sizes have performed in their mobile efforts—why some have failed and how others bravely turned to mobile.

  • Demonstrates how to integrate mobile into marketing programs and how to effectively measure it
  • Explains how to make your existing marketing spends work harder
  • Delivers step-by-step instructions on how to optimize campaigns in real-time
  • Shows how to determine which mobile tactics are keepers and which are not

It’s time to mobilize your marketing programs and drive your profits to new heights.

List Price: $24.95

Price: $16.68

You save: $8.27

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This book is for you if you want to grow your generosity of spirit! Most people who are focused on self-development want to live a life of abundance, according to their definition. The secret of abundance is giving! In this self help book, you’ll find practical personal growth tips for attracting abundance into your life by developing the art of giving. This is perhaps one of the most powerful self development concepts to master for a happier, more abundant life.

Here are several reader testimonials:

“If everyone read this book and implemented just one suggestion in it, the world would be a much happier, more peaceful, and friendlier place.” Lisa Rothstein, The DaVinciCoach.com, La Mesa, CA

“I want you to know that I am only on day 6 and the woman has captured my heart.” Annie Anthony, CapeFearVolunteerCenter.org, Wilmington, NC

“Marge has hit the nail on the head! I especially like the journal aspect of this book. There are so many good nuggets in this book. Be careful while reading lest you find the entire thing highlighted!” Kristen Eckstein, Imagine! Studios, ArtsImagine.com, High Point, NC

“I absolutely love this book! I did #3 and #5 right away, just as you instructed. The reactions of the recipients really made my day!” Bob Jenkins, BobtheTeacher.com, Minnesota

“Marge helped me to remember that generosity of spirit isn’t necessarily a monetary exchange.” Gayle Tabor, BizBuzzSocial.com, Wilmington, NC

“I will be waiting in line to purchase Marge’s book! She has a beautiful way with words and her loving and sincere nature shines throughout.” – Beth Parker Stout, Carolina Beach, NC

“Giving isn’t about getting…it’s about knowing that giving creates a circle of abundant positivity that keeps circling right back to you.” – Susan Holsinger, GoodGriefandYou.com, Rossville, IN

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“Simple yet powerful and life-changing!”

In 10 Minutes A Day To A Powerful New Life best selling author Kelly Wallace shows you how to reprogram negative subconscious thinking and habits, tap into the power of your mind , and create a simple yet incredibly effective ten-minute program that will help you achieve your every goal.

Sound too good to be true? Of course it does. You’ve been led to believe that making money, losing weight, finding true love, and having a satisfying career are difficult and time consuming. This “it’s got to be hard or it can’t possibly work” approach sabotages our most valiant efforts. Kelly wrote this book to prove to you that living the life of your dreams is not out of reach, and can be easier to accomplish than you ever imagined.

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