mlspWhat MLSP is and  isn’t

MLSP is a marketing system based on Attraction Marketing that will serve as a tool to brand yourself as a leader online, and supply you with cutting edge marketing strategies and techniques. It is also a proven and effective sales funnel that provides free training that your prospects will find helpful in building their business. Therefore, you become valuable in the eyes of your prospects, which builds trust and a willingness to want to follow and do business with you.


Having said all of that, you can see that MLSP is not a quick overnight get rich scheme. It is a tool that builds you into a trusted leader over time, if you implement it as directed. There are some marketers who will have no need for MLSP, and that’s O.K. Nothing is for EVERYONE, so the key is to decide for yourself if it is for you or not.

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If you are a successful offline marketer with a large down-line already, and you have absolutely no interest in coming online then MLSP is not for you. However, if you are primarily an offline marketer, but you have been wondering how to market effectively online then you may want to look at this powerful community.


Let’s further break down the characteristics of what type of marketer MLSP is and is not for.


MLSP is NOT for you if:


  1. You are not open to learning new things. If you do not like to explore new technology, and you refuse to move along with advances like the internet or social media, then MLSP is not for you. If you don’t have an email account, and you have no desire to get one, or if you don’t know what a text message is then MLSP is not for you.
  2. You are desperate for money now! If you are looking for a quick fix or get rich scheme online, then MLSP is definitely not for you. This is a tool and training platform that will set you up to be a successful professional internet marketer, and there are no outrageous claims of overnight wealth.
  3. You expect to plug into a system that does all the work for you. It is important to understand that MLSP is not a magic trick, and you must invest the time and energy to actually learn and implement the strategies taught in this community. If you hear claims of making money from a system where you never have to do anything, and you just plug-in and wait for the money to roll in…. I suggest you run the other way fast! If you are serious about your success as a marketer, then you must respect yourself enough to know that you must work. If you are not prepared to learn and work, the MLSP is not for you.


MLSP IS for you if:


  1. You are interested in becoming a professional online marketer. You understand that it takes training from people who have been where you want to be, and you are prepared to learn and implement.
  2. You see that other people have achieved online success, and you know that you can do it too. Having faith in yourself is half the battle! So many people quit in network marketing and online marketing before they see real results, because they have a lack of belief that they are capable of achieving real success. The foundation of success is mindset.
  3. You understand that combining online with offline strategies is most effective. Many marketers come online to market because they have a fear of face to face interaction, and believe that online marketing will allow them to hide behind their computers while signing up new reps and making a boatload of money. The Internet only connects you with people, but you must still talk to them. Don’t believe the hype about folks who sign up hundreds of reps without ever picking up the phone. NOT TRUE!


If you are ready to develop yourself, your business and your life into what you desire… then follow the success trails left by the top earners in the industry by clicking here!


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Pure Now | My Unbiased Review

pure nowPure Now Company Review

If you’re reading my Pure Review, it’s most likely because you are either an active representative of Pure, or maybe you are just in researching various companies and stumbled across this one. Perhaps a friend may have referred you to the company and you want see what others were saying about it. Either way, you are the right place and at time.

I think that Pure is a fantastic business opportunity, especially if you are one for the holistic approach in every area of your health. It has some solid products in the body, health care industry and much more.

Do not take my word for it. Read this review in its entirety before making a decision.


PURE NOW, specializes in products designed to improve physical and mental wellness. It has already launched as of January 2012. PURE NOW MLM is a sister company of Wealth Masters International.

PURE NOW”S product line includes supplements, beauty products, a fitness program, pet nutrition, dental products, non-toxic cleaners, and a series of CDs delivering wellness knowledge in every area.


PURE NOW Consultants will earn weekly commissions with a generous multilevel compensation plan



Pure Now  Company Goals

PURE NOW’S stated mission is “to assimilate and distribute life-enhancing products and knowledge that will heighten our physical, emotional and financial state of wellness while becoming the world’s largest contributor of enhanced health and wealth.”

If you’re passionate about the products, then by all means, use and promote it and make money from it. If you’re into just building the business, then learn how to recruit people who want to build the business as well. Don’t rely on anyone to build a downline for you. No one’s going to do that. Your business is your own, their business is their own. Face the fact, that in this business, it is what you make of it. Like any other businesses out there, there ain’t no guarantee. The only guarantee is having the options to choose to succeed or to fail. I sure hope and pray that you choose to succeed!

If you choose to succeed in this business we call network marketing, here’s a message for you…..


pure now

Attraction marketing is basically “becoming an attractive person so people become attracted to you”. It’s important because it eliminates the #1 problem faced by network marketers which is chasing people for their business. When you apply the principles of attraction marketing, people come to you, instead of you chasing them.

pure now


So, if that make sense to you, I invite you now to CLICK HERE, and I’ll take you inside to learn more about what and how Attraction Marketing can do for you and your Pure now Business. Do that NOW, and I’ll see you inside…

pure now




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lead generationFollow the 8 Step Plan to The Lead Generation Process


There are 8 simple steps that everyone must take in the lead generation process to guarantee their success. I’m going to outline each step so that you can begin to draw traffic to your site and start making connections with your leads.

  1. Marketing – most important step because you need to know who your target is.
  2. Have a Lead Capture page or Website – need an opt- in form where people can give you their names and email addresses. Without a form you cannot keep track who have further interest in your product or service.
  3. Provide a Free Offer – the secret to getting people to opt-in to your website.
  4. Get The Opt-in – once you get people to your site and present the free offer, this is your moment to sell them on the opt-n with your HEADLINE!
  5. Set Up Email Auto- Responder Messages – Tool used to get more people on the phone and convert them into business.
  6. Build Trust – Your Auto- Responder is designed for you to build rapport with your list by servicing a need that they have.     ( Don’t pitch yet)
  7. Give Value – continue to give your audience information ( how to, strategies, tips, Free stuff). It’s the best way to win them over.
  8. Promote Affiliate Products – Share your purchases with your audience. Don’t be afraid to share with your audience products that cost.

There you have it, The Online Formula For  Generating Endless Leads to your website. For your FREE Downloadable PDF, Comprehensive Step By Step Bueprint that goes into detail for each step, Click Here!


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Learn How to Generate Leads on The 1ST Day

generate leadsLearn How To Generate Leads On Your 1st Day of Your Business – 4 Easy Tips

Are you the type of person that has to know everything before you begin a project? Meaning all your ducks must be lined up in a row before the process can commence.
Are you afraid of embarrassment, or sounding like a novice?
Not sure what to say to your prospects?
Do you find yourself saying, “I really can’t start anything until.”?
Are you concerned with creating a professional looking blog?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, take a deep breath, breathe. It’s ok, we all started there. I’m going to give you 4 easy tips on how you can generate leads the first day.

The first thing you must do before you get started is change your mind set. Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot to learn in the industry. You will eventually create that blog; learn strategies and great tips for marketing. Why not learn while you earn?
One of the sole purposes for going into business is to make money right, so why not today?
It’s ok to make mistakes because, that’s how your story will be shaped, it will position you to teach your down line the do’s and don’ts and your mistakes help you to create value through you own experience.
Remember, it’s not about the product or the opportunity you are offering. It’s about how you relate to people. People could care less about your business. People do respond well to you once you have resolved there issue and they know that you care.

4 Easy Tips to generate leads the First Day

1. Create a twitter account. It takes 10 minutes. Don’t worry about setting everything up at that moment you can always go back. Up load a picture of you from your computer (preferably one of you smiling). Go into your MLSP create 3 short ads for each campaign and post on to twitter, which is your content. You have 17 sites ready to promote and 51 pieces of content to post once you are done. You would want to change the words around for each piece of content posted.

For Example:
Suppose you where promoting FB training. You could say,” Get free Face book training today. Not sure how long it’s going to be free” and provide the link. For the same training you might say,” Learn How To Get Famous on FACEBOOK in 60 days for free!” Provide your link to the system campaign.
If you do that for each system campaign, you will have leads the first day.

2. Create a Face book Account -join groups related to your interest, livelihood and business. Chat with prospects. Let them know you want to connect. Begin to ask them about themselves. Form a relationship first before pitching your business. Implement the same strategy above in about 10 groups each day. You will get leads.

3. Create business cards in MS Word and print. Make sure you have you a couple of system campaign links on the cards promoting free training and give them to people you meet.

4. Make direct phone calls- use genealogy lists or Face book. There is an awesome training in the MLSP Back office offered by Toby and Layla.
Concern about messing up? Hang up, there’s plenty other people to call, they don’t know you from ADAM.
It’s not that serious, do not attach any emotion to the prospects you call or meet, speaking to them will become easier.
There are 7 billion people on line every day. How many of them will be your leads?


Don’t get caught up with what is called executive procrastination. The time is never right and you will find yourself quitting before you get started.


If you do not have MLSP to enhance your current business, click the link to join now.
Generate some leads today!

To Your Success,

generate leads

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YTB/Zamzuu Business Review

Go to the click this video now to explode your ZamZuu Busines! Http://

For FREE video shows you how to generate leads, prospects and customers for your ZamZuu Business click below!

Zamzuu Business


Cool Facts about YTB International/Zamzuu

  1. Founded in Alton, Illinois, in 2001, by J. Lloyd “Coach” Tomer, his son, Scott Tomer, and Kim Sorensen.
  2. Named 25th largest travel seller in the United States by Travel Weekly in 2009.
  3. Provides internet travel products and services through over 60,000 independent representatives in the United States, Canada, Bermuda, The Bahamas and the U.S. Virgin Islands.
  4. YTB Products
  • YTB Golf Packages
  • Collette Tours
  • Super Clubs Vacations
  • Princess Cruises
  • Apple Vacations


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Zamzuu Business



Generate MLM Business Leads

The Multi-Level Marketing or MLM is one of the fastest and most diversified business opportunities available to us today.  MLM offers us the possibility to quickly build a large business, with a substantial income. But, it can be one of the most difficult businesses to be successful in.  One important key to achievement lies in generating MLM leads.


Even the newest distributor knows that to build a successful MLM business they must have a steady stream of interested prospective business partners (leads) to connect with.


Since your success in network marketing is tied to your ability to generate MLM leads, you may wonder; what is the secret to getting good business leads?


You Have a Choice.  You can find MLM Business Leads on Your Own or You Can Buy Them.


Buying your MLM leads may seem like an easy way to rapidly build your business.  Someone else does the work of finding prospective business partners, makes a list and sells that list to you.  All you need to do is contact them and they join your team or buy your product.  Unfortunately it doesn’t always work that easily.  Most lists are expensive, are filled with people that are not interested or just don’t qualify, and the list has been sold over and over again.


Learning how to generate MLM leads on your own is critical to your success.  There are several different ways to generate leads, both online and off line.


You can turn to social media websites like Facebook and Twitter, write online articles, or use pay-per-click advertising to generate MLM leads online.


Facebook is the largest social media website on the internet; over 500 million people are listed on Facebook.  If you learn how to put up an effective Fanpage give valuable content and share how your MLM business opportunity and product will help visitors get what they want you will generate MLM leads.


You can write short articles, as you learn, sharing tips for success.  If your content is valuable you will brand yourself as an expert.  Content on the internet will be available for years.  The article you write today will generate leads long into the future.


If you are willing to learn how to write short ad copy you can purchase ad space on Facebook, Google, forums, ezines, and a number of other places. Properly written copy can generate highly targeted MLM leads.

There are many ways for you to advertise, promote, and build your MLM  list many are totally free.  Remember, knowledge is your best tool when it comes to MLM network marketing lead generation. Study, get a good coach and mentor to guide you, and you will have no difficulty generating MLM leads.


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