This book is for you if you want to grow your generosity of spirit! Most people who are focused on self-development want to live a life of abundance, according to their definition. The secret of abundance is giving! In this self help book, you’ll find practical personal growth tips for attracting abundance into your life by developing the art of giving. This is perhaps one of the most powerful self development concepts to master for a happier, more abundant life.

Here are several reader testimonials:

“If everyone read this book and implemented just one suggestion in it, the world would be a much happier, more peaceful, and friendlier place.” Lisa Rothstein, The, La Mesa, CA

“I want you to know that I am only on day 6 and the woman has captured my heart.” Annie Anthony,, Wilmington, NC

“Marge has hit the nail on the head! I especially like the journal aspect of this book. There are so many good nuggets in this book. Be careful while reading lest you find the entire thing highlighted!” Kristen Eckstein, Imagine! Studios,, High Point, NC

“I absolutely love this book! I did #3 and #5 right away, just as you instructed. The reactions of the recipients really made my day!” Bob Jenkins,, Minnesota

“Marge helped me to remember that generosity of spirit isn’t necessarily a monetary exchange.” Gayle Tabor,, Wilmington, NC

“I will be waiting in line to purchase Marge’s book! She has a beautiful way with words and her loving and sincere nature shines throughout.” – Beth Parker Stout, Carolina Beach, NC

“Giving isn’t about getting…it’s about knowing that giving creates a circle of abundant positivity that keeps circling right back to you.” – Susan Holsinger,, Rossville, IN

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