In a unique and entertaining approach, 2,000 inspirational and positive quotations from 500 of the most successful people from ancient times to our modern society, are organized and combined with hundreds of the author’s practical tips and common sense advice, to produce a powerful system of success lessons, to accelerate your personal change and growth, to become successful and achieve happiness and fulfillment in your personal and business life.

The quotations and success lessons are very easy to search. They are categorized by over 90 subjects and page number in the Table of Contents. The printed book (not the ebook) also cross-indexes and groups each quote by its author’s name and page number in a separate Index at the end of the book.

The Success Formula For Personal Growth is a wide ranging guide to the thinking and actions that lead to achieving personal growth and success, such as:

  • Learn to take responsibility for your life.
  • Learn to become an expert communicator and connect with people’s minds and hearts.
  • Learn to train your mind to maximize its positive output.
  • Learn to eliminate negative limitations that are holding you back.
  • Learn to increase your belief and confidence in yourself.
  • Learn to get into the habit to set and complete goals.
  • Learn time management and problem solving skills.
  • Learn to use active visualization to train your mind for success.
  • Learn to use emotionally charged affirmations to boost your self-esteem and confidence.

And much more.

Personal change is not easy. But anyone who wants more out of life, and knows in their heart that they can become more than they are now, and do more than they have already done, can transform their life, and benefit from reading, learning, absorbing, and putting into practice habits based on The Success Formula For Personal Growth.

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