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New Year Bonus For You!

new year bonusHappy New Year to you and your family.  

May 2012 bring excellent health, lasting peace, love and prosperity.

Tonight marks the night of ending 2011 … and embarking into an amazing upcoming year 2012.
Don’t let the fear of the unknown cloud your mind with excuses!
With that said I leave you with a quote that helps me in building my business by our friend Diane.


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Have and awesome day!
See Ya Next Year,


new year bonus

How to Convert A MS Word Doc To A PDF File

convert ms word file to pdfConverting a MS Word Doc. To A PDF File is as easy as 123.

In my video, I will show you how to make the conversion and create an url so that it can be shared.


Why A PDF File?

PDF makes is easy to create an FREE  E Book, or Report that you will like to give away as a bonus.

That same E Book and Report can me monetized overtime. The top income earners do it all the time.

It is very easy to do. Can be done in minutes.
Start creating reports that include tips, tricks and strategies. You will notice that your following will increase because you are constantly providing value. ( creating your brand)

Click on this link for find out how!

Here are some suggestions from Ray Higdon for you to keep your cool during this holiday season as well as be attracting.

The problem with family and friends  are  we believe we can skip all the sales training of how to talk to them as they are so close to us, if ever sales training would apply, it would be with your family.

Here They are:

1. Listen. Family members are going to talk about their problems (mainly) and it is your chance to simply lend an ear and be present with them. Don’t think of when to sneak the sales pitch in, but, just listen.

2. Note the different things going on in each family members life and call them the next week just to see if they are open to looking at what you are doing. Show that you cared enough to listen and they may just listen to you. Do NOT be addicted to the outcome.  Ask for a referral.

3. When asked about your network marketing business or what you do, don’t go into a sales pitch that ends with “you should look into it”, talk about what you and your team are doing and the stories of some people in the team that have been impacted and then roll the questions back to them and ask them about themselves.

4. Be present don’t just think about who you think you are going to sign up. Times are tough for a lot of industries right now and the holidays can really bring out the depression in people especially if they have experienced an occupational change this past year. Be present, listen and love them even if you don’t always agree with them.

If you found value in this post share with your friends.


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Happy Holidays.
Willy and Daria
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Hello Bar- Doubled My Leads


hellobarYou are probably wondering where the heck I got that goldish bar from across my blog. I stumbled across it from my friend Cynthia. I thought it was pretty cool when I noticed it on her blog. So I decided to load it on mine. She got 5 FREE leads and it doubled mine.


So I thought it was an awesome tool to share.

So click here to get instant access to the my video. See you in a moment!


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Control Your Edges with Edge Control

edge controlI  said Goodbye to Let’s Jam and the Black Gel


I stumbled across a product that control edges about a month or so ago. A sister by the name of Sheenequa reached out to me on Facebook and complimented me on my locs. I thanked her and noticed  that she sent me a video link. She was demonstrating how she twists her locs and sharing the products she uses for daily maintenance. One of them happen to be Edge Control.

Since I am a licensed Cosmetologist, I notice immediately that her hair was a softer texture than mine. When Sheenequa used the product to smooth her edges on video, I was not impress because I didn’t think it would have the same effect on mine.


Needless to say I have tried the product and I love it!


Click here See results of the product on my hair!


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Find Out What's Working Now In Internet Marketing?

internet marketingSteal the Biggest  7 figure secrets for getting  1000′s Red Hot Leads Every single Day !

Just imagine if you had to opportunity to sit with 6- 7 figure earners to pick their brains to find out what they are doing

step by step....


1. Get the latest tricks and tips for lead generation

2. Get access to 6 & 7 figure earners as if you were sitting one on one with them.


To Get access to FREE Video ClICK HERE!


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How is Empower Network A Funded Proposal?

empower network

Empower Network: The Ultimate Funded Proposal

Empower Network is the ultimate funded proposal and solves two of the most common problems all internet marketers face at some time in their career:  the ability to generate income while building their primary opportunity, and finding quality prospects for their business. In order to really understand the magnitude of what Empower Network can do for your business let’s take a look at the concept of the funded proposal.


What Is a Funded Proposal?

A funded proposal is a type of marketing model that does three things:

1. Offers a low priced product on the front end providing a consistent stream of income to fund business overhead      expenses such as advertising, training, and other marketing needs.

2. Generate Leads

3. Builds social proof by creating stories with the reps that follow your system.

With a funded proposal it’s easy to qualify leads, as a person who invests in the product you’re offering on the front end is far more willing to consider your primary opportunity once they come to know and trust you as a leader who can show them how to get results quickly.

Empower Network Creates Cash Flow and Success Stories


Depending on your network and level of influence, if you were to ask someone to joining your primary opportunity for $300 and above, more than likely they would tell you “no” without batting an eye. The reasons why will vary, and at the surface level it’s nothing personal. However behind that “no”, what’s really being said is that they are not confident enough in you as a leader because you have not achieved any results worthy of them making the investment.


Using the Empower Network system as a funded proposal helps you achieve more yes answers by giving you a story. When you come into Empower Network for $25, your first sale pays for the system causing you to break even. Any income earned after that (whether you upgrade to the Inner Circle or Costa Rica Intensive) puts you in profit mode.


Imagine the impact of not only generating your own results, but showing others who may have never earned money in their MLM opportunity how to do the same? Not only will you be creating cash flow for yourself but you have just established yourself as a leader. That’s powerful.  And because Empower Network comes complete with all the tools you’ll need to market the system your time and resources can be focused on activities that will provide the most return on your investment such as bringing more people into the system and funneling them into your primary opportunity.

So to recap here’s why Empower Network is the ultimate funded proposal:


1.The basic membership cost just $25 giving you a low end product to market to your list and new prospects

2.One sale breaks even. Two sales (excluding the passup) put you in profit mode.

3.The moment you do the same for your reps, you’ve given yourself some credibility as a leader.


To top it all off, Empower Network pays you 100% commission for each membership you sell making it easy to generate massive amounts of money in no time.


So What are you waiting for? There is nothing left to do but join!



Click the banner to Join

empower network



To Your Blogging Success,


empower network


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Discover How to Generate FREE Leads On Craigslist

ads on craigslistMore than 50 million people visit Craigslist daily. I would say that craigslist is a viable site to place ads daily and get results.  It’s a site were you are able to post  classified ads for FREE.

Because Craigslist reaches such a vast audience, business have found it to be the perfect hub to advertise their products and services.

With that said, you must  stand out from the crowd. I found that visual ads or banner ads command a higher click though rate than text.

In my video I am going to show you how you can create ads on craigslist within 5 minutes  that will generate 10+ Leads daily.


Click on this link to get instant access to the my video.


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Empower Network Shortens Learning Curve for Internet Empower NetworkMarketers

Empower Network has shortened the learning curve for Internet Marketers by providing a unique platform that not only acts as a complete marketing sales funnel but is also a funded proposal. Generally when attempting to make a presence online, most people believe that if they build a website, take out a PPC ad or two and spam their links in every group they can find on Facebook, the traffic will come and the money will flow freely. Unfortunately they find out very quickly that this is not the case.

Most top internet marketers will tell you that success did not come easy, nor did it come overnight. Months of training and thousands of dollars are spent mastering concepts and putting sales funnels into place that will bring in enough leads that can convert into sales. Empower Network slashes the time it would normally take to learn these basic principles into less than half and here’s how.

Empower Network as a Marketing Funnel   Empower Network

Many internet marketers get stuck on what is generally known as non income producing activities – developing lead capture pages, writing and editing ad copy, making videos, and writing emails for their auto responder among other things. While the act of these activities itself are beneficial to business, if you do not possess the skill to execute them in a way that effectively drives traffic to your site and converts that traffic into sales you are actually doing more harm than good to your business. Empower Network simplifies things for even the most experienced marketer by providing all the tools necessary to begin making money quickly by leveling the playing field.

The Basic $25 Empower Network Membership comes with the following:

  • A High converting lead capture page with a sales video that can be fully integrated with either the Aweber or Get Response auto responder systems
  • A plug and play WordPress Blog System with both a basic and advanced platform making it easy for the newest blogger to the most experienced to use.
  • Email Swipe copy provided by the company that converts at over 50% to be used in email auto responders
  • Done for you webinars – all you need to do is send the link to your list and let the company do the rest.

On average the time it would take someone to learn to properly put these systems in place can easily be anywhere from six months to a year. Financially speaking people spends anywhere from a few hundred to thousands of dollars. Empower Network shortens the learning curve by handing you everything but the lead itself and makes it easy for you to focus on its simple three step process: Blog Daily, Tell Others, and Get Paid. It really can’t get much easier than that.

If you’re looking to spend thousands of dollars and months, even years of training understanding the fundamentals of internet marketing by all means go for it, but if you’re looking for a system that shortens the learning curve making it easy to generate income easily and free up time to work on the things you really want to do, consider joining us in Empower Network.

To Your Success,

Empower Network








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free stuffDon’t let your FEAR To Spend Sabotage Your Business!


Working any business on a shoe string budget is a challenge. One can spend endless hours and energy seeking FREE stuff to get their business started. While there is a lot of free  stuff out there, they will not help you make the big bucks. You don’t want to get stuck doing  business with just free applications. The free stuff is what you learn from, gain experience, not grow your business.

Remember, you must invest in you business so that you can get a return and profit. Without putting time and money into your biz, how can you really expect to profit. If the free stuff could really impact your bottom-line, then everybody would successful.

I remember when I first got started in Online Marketing.I was looking for exclusively free stuff because I was afraid that my credit card would get into the wrong hands. I was also concerned about scam artists that lurk on line looking for its prey.

free stuff

When I joined MLSP, I figured it’s just a few dollars I would lost. I wanted to gain but I was prepared to lose in my initial investment.

Once I became apart of the MLSP Community that all changed. Now I see the value of investing money into my business for example the time I can spend looking for free stuff on average is 2 to 3 hours after it is all said and done.  Investing money saves me time and connects my efforts with a proven  product that when set up generates the results I am getting.

Set up a budget by investing 10 to 20 percent of your total revenue back into your business as a routine and work from there.

If you are not willing to invest in your business, you might as well quit today!  There is no getting around investing monetarily in your business.

To Your Abundant Success,


free stuff



free stuff





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If you are a skeptic, like I was, I totally feel you! That was me!

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