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power of influenceAcquire the Power of Influence Pt. 3- Inspired By Jeffrey Vincent Noble


As mentioned in the last two posts “Acquire the Power of Influence I” and “Acquire the Power of Influence II”, establishing rapport is the key to a striving business.

Pacing is one strategy with several components that will help you obtain the rapport you need to have your prospects respond to you in the way you would like.


In this last post I will be discussing Language of Senses.


Have you ever had the experience where you were talking to a client and he/ she just didn’t understand what you were saying?

Masters of Influences have this mysterious ability to unlock their prospect’s mind and speak their language.


I will clear things up for you so it will not be mysterious at all to you.


In  Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), our five senses are called representational systems because we represent and interpret the world through sight, sound and touch.

In the language of NLP those systems are called visual, auditory and kinesthetic.  Each representation system has its own way of experiencing the world. Most people are combinations of all three although they do have a primary system. Moreover, your primary will change according to the context.


Ok so… How does this work?


Masters of influence understand that people do not see, hear and feel everything in the same way.


When you combine the Language of The Sense and Pacing, your power to influence will soar.


Visually Oriented People

Visuals experience and interpret the world based on how things look. They live in a world of pictures. They will discuss things with you based on how it looks to them.


Fast Facts about Visual People

  • Speak fast because the pictures are flipping through their mind fast.
  • High pitched voice and breathe high in the chest.
  • Impatient and hate being interrupted.
  • Make decisions base upon how things or product looks
  • Uses hand gestures when they speak
  • Usually don’t forget a face
  • When speaking to them they will frequently look up.


Language of the Visual 0riented

You can distinguish visuals by the words they use. They want to get a bird’s eye view, they want clarity and they see want you mean.

Visual people paint a picture when describing their experiences.


Listed below are word used by Visual People.



Catch a glimpse

Get perspective

Mind’s eye





See it in action





Any so much more…


When influencing visuals show them the product, ie, brochures, photographs, website, blog. Giving them something to look at, it focuses their attention. The visual person will notice everything. When summarizing, make sure it’s clear to them and he/ she sees what you mean.


Auditory Oriented People

Auditory People want things to sound right. They speak in auditory terms. They experience and interpret the world based on how things sound.


Fast Facts about Auditory People

  • Live in a world of sounds and rhythms
  • Voice tends to have a clear resonant quality
  • Breathing tends to be even and deep, coming from the middle of the chest.
  • Sometimes distracted by noise
  • What you say and how you say is very important
  • When speaking to them, they will occasionally look to the left or right at ear level or may look down to your right.


Language of Auditory Oriented

Auditory people speak in auditory terms. They want things to sound right, it has to ring a bell and they hear what you are saying.


Listed below are words that are used by Auditory People






Give an ear to

Idle talk



Tell yourself

Unheard of




And much more…


When communicating with an auditory person, you want to make sure that what you present rings true for them and that all the information you presented is clear as a bell.


Kinesthetic Oriented People

Kinesthetic People typically access their feelings and emotions to recall an experience. They usually speak slowly because they have to process incoming and outgoing information through their feelings before responding.


Fast Facts about Kinesthetic People

  • Breathe in the lower abdomen
  • Hand gestures are lower- around waist area
  • Tend to stand close to you when they’re speaking
  • Usually touch you while they speak
  • Memorize better by doing or walking through a procedure
  • Eye movements are down and to the right



Language of the Kinesthetics-Oriented

Kinesthetics speak in feeling or action terms. They want to keep in touch, something may have slipped their mind, if it doesn’t sound right, they have to start from scratch.


Listed below are words used by Kinesthetic People



Cutting edge



Follow through

Grapple with

Hands on


Work with it


Slip up



And much more…


To influence the kinesthetic person, speak with passion about your product, opportunity, service or idea. Telling your kinesthetic prospect moving, emotionally –based stories will have a positive effect because they will respond to their feelings. When you present your idea, opportunity, product or service to a kinesthetic person, walk them through the procedure so they can get a feel for it. Once they get a handle on it and they feel good, they’ll join you or buy.

Now that you have the tools to establish rapport on a deeper level, communicating with your prospects, spouses, friends and family will never be the same.

You will begin to notice more readily whether an individual is using visual, auditory or kinesthetic words, enabling you to speak their language and make you and your offer more appealing to them.

If you got value from this post, please share with your friends and leave a comment. Thank you.


To Your Success,

power of influence

power of influence


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Techniques on how to talk to prospects.

Key phrase Density

Key phrase denseness indications the amount of occasions the actual selected key phrase seems in the web web page. Caution! Keywords should not be more than used, but ought to end up being simply adequate sufficient to seem at essential places.

If you repeat your key phrases along with every other word upon each and every line, then your website will most likely be rejected being an synthetic site or even spam website.

Key phrase denseness is usually indicated as being a proportion of the complete word content material on the given internet web page.

For example:

Assume you’ve 100 words in your web page (not really such as HMTL code used for writing
the net web page), and also you make use of a certain key phrase for 5 times in the content material. The key phrase density on which web page is determined by simply separating the actual total number of keywords, by the complete quantity of phrases that appear on your web page. Therefore right here it is five split through 100 = .05. Because keyword denseness is really a proportion with the total word depend on the page, grow the above by one hundred, that’s 0.05 by one hundred = 5%

Effective Marketing company Professionals ensure that their content consists associated with keyword denseness between 3% as well as 5%. To obtain acknowledged through the search engines and you ought to by no means surpass 5%.

Remember, that this guideline relates to every web page in your site. Additionally, it applies to not just to one keyword but also a set of keywords that applies to a different services or products. The keyword density ought to always end up being among 3% and 5%.

Simple actions to check the actual denseness:
Create content in a word-processing software plan such as Word or even Word Ideal.
Go to the ‘Edit’ menus and click ‘Select All’. Now visit the actual ‘Tools’ menu as well as choose ‘Word Count’. Write on the total number of phrases within the web page.
Now choose the ‘Find’ perform on the ‘Edit’ menus. Visit the ‘Replace’ tab and kind within the key phrase you need to discover. ‘Replace’ that word with the same phrase, so you do not alter the written text.
Whenever you complete the actual replace perform, the actual program may offer the depend of the phrases a person replaced. That provides the number of times you’ve used the actual keyword in that web page.
Utilizing the actual complete phrase depend for the web page and the total number of keywords you are able to right now calculate the keyword denseness.

Pleased Blogging
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key word density

Hi Biz ChampionsChallengers

Yes! Your are a champion. Summer of 2010 I was promoting a company that focused on e-commerce. I was giving away free tool bars so that my customers were able to own their own mall and save money on their online purchases. I built a substantial down-line through my warm market, but I wanted more. I said to my self , if only I knew how to send traffic to my website (replicated site) I could get more customers and earn more points that would bring me more revenue.

I became my quest on the net. I ran into Toby and Layla , Jordan Schultz , Mike Dillard and a few others. They all had something in common, MLSP, and Aweber. I said to myself “ok I need to sign up with these companies”. changed my entire view on Multilevel Marketing. I want to attract prospects instead of chasing  and begging friends and family  to join my business. I read the E-Book and began to put the principles and strategies to work immediately. I begin to attract leads and made commissions within the next day. I was blown away.

I continued to research on the net and stumbled across My Leads System Pro.  I watched the 40 minute video presentation. Again it was God sent, to good to be true. I took the $10 test drive and setup my system, it was on from there. I finally had value to share. I quickly realized I had everything to make a business flourish.

I e-mailed my up-line Mitch weekly.  He probably got tired of me asking him a million questions . It really can down to me familiarizing my self with the system  for myself. Meaning I had a lot to learn.

The 100 Day Biz Builder Challengers  Champions was my answer. I spoke to Pat not knowing she was going to be my mentor amongst Perig, Marisol and Galen . Once she said she could help me I was open. Pat could have told me to walk across my dinning room table, I would have don’t it. During our 1st  conversation with Pat she instructed me what to watch the video on  Getting Famous on FB by Toby and Layla, take notes and create my own video about what I learned. I did it although I was uncomfortable because she said it worked for her plus she was one of the leaders of the challenge. I got to work immediately, called her upon completion. She saw my enthusiasm and chose me to one of the featured speakers on the first night of the challenge.

I will never forget that moment.

We had weekly assignments to complete which helped us to create  our  brand and generate leads  and so much more… Watch the video below to find out my results from the challenge.  Join me in the next challenge. Let’s grow together! Register Now !  See you at the Challenge.

To Your Success,

Willy and Daria's South Beach Vacation

I phoneMy Husband Willy Shares an I phone Nugget

Tips for saving your I phone battery


If you find yourself constantly charging your I phone. My husband shares what we both discovered in the Apple Store while on vacation.

Close your apps on your I phone when you are not using them. Willy will tell you how…

Hope that I phone tip helped you.

To Your Success,

rapportAcquire the Power Of Influence Pt. 2

Rapport is the foundation of influence. I outlined more pacing techniques while speaking to other. Be aware of the individual you are speaking to and gradually mirror and match their behavior.

Continuation of Pacing

Other Things You Can Pace-Opinions & Beliefs

A successful communicator cannot afford to offend people. When disagreeing with someone’s statement or ideas, they think you are saying that you are not like them. I not saying that you must agree with everything your prospect said. There is a way were you can disagree if necessary and maintain your integrity and avoid offending someone.

There is one three letter word that destroys most effective communication when people are in disagreement, and that is BUT. It is commonly used and it’s the most destructive words in your communication. When the word BUT is used it increases the resistance to your ideas and it negates everything said before it.

Here is a tool that you can use to disagree with someone without creating resistance or compromising your integrity. It’s called an agreement frame. Instead of directly opposing someone’s views, you find points of agreement and align yourself with points of agreement. Redirect the communication the way you want it to go. Here are four phrases that make up an agreement frame.

“I appreciate that, and …”

“I understand, and… ”

“I agree, and …”

“I respect that, and …”

When you communicate using some variation of” YES, BUT”, it builds resistance. The best way to initially respond to a disagreement is with an agreement. It creates rapport and allows you and your prospect to stay on common ground.

Start using the agreement frame help you handle and break down objections. It’s a way to link the person’s value or belief with one that you are going to present to them. A successful agreement frame a pathway to provide new and exciting choices for you and your prospects.


Truisms and Facts

Truisms are truthful statements or facts. To gain rapport by pacing facts, you should find out as much facts about your prospect as possible (ie philosophies, beliefs and attitude).

When you are in rapport, pace truisms and facts properly, the prospects will have difficulty saying no because it would seen as if they are saying no to themselves.


Non-Verbal Pacing

The matching or mirroring of you prospects non-verbal behavior. Mirroring and matching offers the prospect a reflections of themselves. It’s almost a magical power because of the way people respond to their own behavior. There are many non-verbal actions that you can take note of. However, you are not going to remember all the non-verbal actions to focus on. Just follow the person’s lead.


Body Movement

Most matching and mirror happens from the waist up. Any movement like head nods, head tilts, facial express, positioning of the arms, hand gestures crossing the feet or legs and overall posture. The key is not to be obvious while telling them at the subconscious level, “I like you”.

Practice pacing peoples body movement; you will notice how they respond favorably to you and become more relaxed.


After a few minutes after minutes when you move they will begin move. In actuality you are leading your prospect, you in control.


The pattern of your breathing is directly linked to you emotional state. You breathe differently for each emotion. To establish subconscious rapport, you can pace their breathing as a form of connection. It requires some observation on your part to pick up someone’s breathing pattern. However, breathing is the most challenging aspect to pace, yet the most powerful.


Start practicing today!  Rapport is the key to long-term business and personal success.

For more Personal Development Courses, visit my friend Jeffrey Noble’s blog for additional skill sets in personal development.

To Your Success,




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7 Day Boot Camp on Lead Generation

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Discover how to generate endless leads.

MLM Traffic Formula 2

Techniques on how to talk to prospects.

how to influence othersLearn the Power of Influence


How would you like to posses the power of influence and use anytime you want? You can change the relationships among your friends, family, co-workers and even your spouse.


My friend Jeffrey Noble lays out some tools that has used to influence people in his article called the “Foundation of Influence”. He is also featured on the cover of the book called Great Speakers along with 8 different authors. Jeff is no Joe Smoe on street with a little knowledge.


Why Should You Listen to My Friend Jeff?

Jeffery Vincent Noble is a successful and experienced entrepreneur with extensive studies in human behavior. He is also a certified Master Practioner/ Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. It has enabled him to educate, motivate and empower fortune 500 executives, entrepreneurs, sales professionals, world class athletes and everyday heroes and sheroes to break –through self imposed barriers to make it possible to operate at peak performance. Jeff specializes in training that focuses on Advanced Communication, sales and personal empowerment through self mastery.

Why Rapport Important and What Is It?

Rapport is a relationship of mutual trust or emotional affinity, according to Webster. It is noted that rapport is probably the most important skill on earth. Rapport is also the foundation upon which all influence is built.

Most salespeople do not influence people in a position to make a buying decision because most sales people sell the way they like to be sold, instead of way the prospect buys. Therefore, the salesperson and prospect are out of rapport.

Having rapport allows you to step into some else’s world so that you understand each other. People like to buy but don’t want to be sold. Once you build rapport, the prospect or customer will initiate the sale or joining you in your opportunity.  Human behavior is amazing.


The foundation of Rapport

Achieving Mutual Trust

As explained earlier rapport is a relationship of mutual trust or emotional affinity. It’s difficult to achieve rapport without trust. We trust people who are like us, or remind us of people we like. That’s why we may meet someone for the first time and feel like we have known them for years. At that moment rapport has been established.


No matter how great your sales presentation or pitch is, if you are not in rapport, the prospect will not trust you.

And guess what…? They will not buy or join you in your opportunity.


What is the difference between Business people that establish Rapport and Average Salespeople?


The major difference between The Masters of Influence and the average salespeople is that the average sales person establishes a small amount of rapport and movies straight into the pitch or sales presentation, whereas Masters of Influence first build a strong foundation of rapport and then move into the pitch or presentation.



Jeff’s Recipe for Rapport


Pacing, The 1st four components

Pacing is the process of mirroring and matching any observable behavior in your client, getting into the rhythm of the client.


How in the heck do get into the rhythm of a client without looking crazy?

Here’s an example: Matching is speaking at the same pace as your prospect. By you making the adjustment in your pacing, creates a bond that builds rapport and trust. This bond is happening on a subconscious level because you are telling the prospect you are like them. In return your prospect will respond to you in a positive way. When matching, you don’t want to sound like you are mimicking them. It’s very natural and subtle.

Imagine if you became an expert at pacing both verbal and non verbal behavior your customers, prospects, family members etc. In doing such action, we will gain respect, trust and support more quickly and easily.

Try it!



Tone is the high or low quality of a person’s voice. Match your voice to your customer or prospect in a way that is most comfortable for you. Start off slow and gradually move into matching other person’s tone and it will not be noticeable. Again it’s natural and subtle.


Rate is the speed at which someone speaks. Rate is one of the easiest aspects of speech to match, so adjust your rate of speech to that of the listener.


Volume is the range of loudness of softness of a person’s voice. Adjust your voice to level that the person you are speaking too. Make sure it is comfort level for you. If the person is speaking at a level that is uncomfortable for you, begin where they are and slowly guide them to a more comfort level.



Emotional pacing- we are trying to meet the prospect where he/she is emotionally. His/ her mood can determine how your products or services will be received. Match the mood of your prospect; empathize with them if they are having a bad day or join in with them in their victory. They will begin to open up. At this point you have their attention.


These Pacing tools can be used in all relationships. The key is to listen more than you speak. You can learn a lot about a person by what is said and not said.

Currently Jeff  hosts a FREE Tele-seminar every Sunday @ 8Pm EST. He is doing an Eliminating Mental Parasites Series. I suggest you join me, jump on these calls and get the food for your soul. Get the tools you need heal and become more productive in all areas your life. Go to Jeff’s blog for more information.

To Your Success,

how to influence others

how to influence others


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how to influence others

Shop To Earn Review – Earn To Shop

shop to earnShop To Earn/Shop To Earth- Review

My Shop To Earn/Shop to Earth Review is one from an unbiased position. I am not affiliated with this company. I like to frequently review MLM companies that are promoted in the Multi-level Marketing Industry.


If you are reading this Shop To Earn/Shop to Earth Review you are probably looking for an opportunity or considering joining the company. I suggest that you read this review in its entirety before making a decision.


Shop to Earn was founded in 2006 by Pat Welsh. The mission statement of the company is to empower people to choose a lifestyle of better health and increased wealth. The company has created an affiliate shopping portal that includes major retailers and offers cash back on purchases.



Shop To Earth

Shop To Earth was formed on November 25, 2008. Shop To Earth holds a member base estimated to be over 100,000, and offers discounts to all members from both sustainable and established retailers.  Shop To Earth is in direct league with several non-profits and has a core mission to increase environmental awareness through the retailers and partnerships with whom they do business.

Shop to Earth markets an online shopping gateway and environmental foundation called the Green Mall which offers discounts of between 1% and 40% on over 2,000 major brands.

Furthermore, Shop To Earth does business with over 400 eco-friendly businesses and 2000 traditional retailers, including Target, Starbucks, The Home Depot, and  Shop To Earth is core partners with Roxio,, Aquasana, The Home Depot,  Key Naturals,  Natrols,  NFI consumer products,  Sustainable Table, Ultra Beauty, and Tree Green.

You must register to become a preferred customer @ Preferred customers receive direct access to the shopping portal.


Shop To Earn/Shop To Earth Opportunity

Shop to Earth also markets opportunities at three different levels: as a customer, providing discounts on Green Mall purchases of between 1% and 40%; as a business builder, marketing the memberships; and as a broker or doing both.

To participate in the Business Opportunity and become a “website owner” your investment is $349. To become a “business builder”, your investment is $99. To become a Shop To Earn “Broker” which includes the website and the business builder, your investment is $448. There is also a recurring annual fee of $69 for website owners and $119 for business Brokers.


It is apparent that The Shop To Earn/ Shop To Earth company is unrelenting. So far this type of business proves to stand the test of time. However, the problem with the entire network marketing industry as whole is a lack of state of the art marketing training. Most companies train their reps to create a warm market list of family and friends to pitch business opportunity. Once that list is depleted, they are instructed to prospect strangers, in malls, local stores etc. If that is the extent of the training this company offers, looking outside this company for training might be a practical option.

If you want to learn how top online marketers build large teams and attract quality team members, click on the link below to  get your /Shop To Earn/ Shop to Earth Business rocking and rolling.


Help me start marketing my Shop To Earn/ Shop To Earth Business Opportunity Now!

To Your Success,

shop to earn

shop to earn


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Lia Sophia Opportunity

Lia Sophia Opportunity

Lia SophiaIf you’re reading this post, most likely you are either an active representative of Lia Sophia or maybe you are just researching various companies and found this one. Perhaps you are looking for an opportunity that fits your personally. Either way, you are at the right place at the right time.


I am not an affiliate of Lia Sophia. However, I frequently review MLM companies that I hear people chatting about. Furthermore, I have friends and business associates that promote the company and her products.

The  Lia Sophia Company

Lia Sophia was formerly Act II Lady Remington, founded by Victor Kiam and his wife. Victor passed the business down to the next generation to Tory Kiam and his wife, Elena. The business was renamed after their children Lia and Sophia.

The company has experienced tremendous favorable public attention from Hollywood celebrities, national magazines and spotlights on television venues across the United States; from the Sundance Film Festival to the Runways of Fashion Hotspots. Lia Sophia is becoming a name to be known and a jewelry line to be owned.

The Business Vision: is to connect women (and men) to their dreams, from obtaining beautiful jewelry to empowering their financial futures.
The Business Mission: is to dare, encourage, assist, meet the needs of people, and showcase the results.

Making the dreams of everyone associated with Lia Sophia come true.


Lia Sophia  Products

Lia Sophia offers high-quality, on-trend . Natural elements, gemstones, crystals, gold, sterling silver and rhodium comprise the base for over 550 items in each catalog.  The pricing is affordable and a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee.

Generous Hostess Lia  Sophia Package

Lia Sophia hostesses receive 20 percent of show sales in jewelry credit with a $250 minimum show. A hostess can also earn 40 percent of her show sales in credit for an additional $15 when she has 10 orders and 2 bookings.

Hostesses also receive 2 half price items and 4 bonus price items.
*A Personal Thank You gift

Just for saying yes! For being one of our hostesses for an in-home party type show, and Open House, catalog show or online invited show. You may select any item in our current catalog up to $100 for just $15 plus tax.

With a Qualified show of $250 in sales you will receive:

Jewelry Credits

Receive 20% of the total sales in FREE jewelry credits, or 40% if there are 10 orders and 2 bookings.

The Hostess pays $15 to get the 40% in jewelry credits.

Bonus Items:

You choose 4 items at the remarkable hostess bonus price of $15 unless otherwise noted in the catalog. Approximately 550 items to select from!!

You also can select 2 items for half off!


Hostesses may opt to select one of the special pieces offered exclusively to qualifying hostesses each month in Lia Sophia’s Gems Brochure.

Buying Privilege

At shows booked from yours, you can select one item for half price when you attend.

Customer Perks

Lia Sophia has an everyday. Buy 3 items and get the most expensive item for half price.

Each month there are added bonus buys. Fantastic values featuring different categories!

The Guarantee:

Lia Sophia offers an Unconditional Lifetime Replacement Guarantee. The Company’s strict quality control enables them to offer such a benefit. No questions asked!


Lia Sophia Compensation Plan


Low Start Up Cost:

$149 reserves your kit. The kit contains 24 pieces of top selling jewelry items worth more than $1000, along with business supplies to enable you to do about 8 shows.

To become a qualified advisor, you hold three shows, totaling $1500 in sales, during your first five weeks. After the first five weeks, Lia Sophia requires you to submit a mere $250 in show sales every 12 weeks to remain active.

**Commissions paid weekly; directly deposited to your bank account.

There is no doubt that Lia Sophia has longevity in the MLM Business Industry. Lia Sophia Internet Popularity Percentile Rank is #8.


Have you thought about how you are going to connect with people outside your warm market?  Let’s face it our warm market list is but so long. Once your list is exhausted, then what…?

How cool would it be for people to look for you on the regular to host your parties, instead of you hunting people down?

I can show you how the top online network marketers build large teams and a large customer base by attracting quality team members with credit card in hand.

If you want to learn how to build a MLM company using real world strategies that work, take a TEST DRIVE TODAY!

Start Your Lia Sophia Business with A Bang!

To Your Success,

Lia SophiaLia Sophia

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Match Rate Plus Review- Plain and Simple

Match Rate PLUSMatch Rate Plus Review

My Match Rate Plus Review is one from an influenced position. I am affiliated with this company. I think that Match Rate Plus is a fantastic company. But don’t take my word for it. Continue reading to discover why I joined Match Rate Plus.


If you are reading this Match Rate Plus Review you are probably looking for an opportunity or considering joining the company. I suggest that you read this review in its entirety so that you can make an informed decision.


Match Rate PLUS


MatchRate PLUS markets a patent-pending service called “Merchant Partner” to businesses who currently accept credit cards.  With Merchant Partner, a merchant can become an agent  on their own account.


Match Rate PLUS offers exclusive service through a nationwide network of 4,000+ referral agents who earn a $50 bonus plus a lifetime monthly residual commission for every Merchant Partner lead they refer to our company who activates an account.



Match Rate Plus Merchant Partner

Anyone can become a referral agent with MatchRate PLUS for free. It is very simple, especially for the “non techy” individual. The best part about this business is you do not sell anything. Just politely leave your brochure in the as many hands as possible of entrepreneurs.  Refer Merchant Partner service and Match Rate PLUS will do the rest.  You can start and generating income in the electronic payments industry as quickly as today.

The Business Overview is offered every Tuesday and training is offered every Thursday @ 9pm EST. in the comfort of your own home.  There will be  plenty of time to promote  business  after the 30minute webinars.


To find out how Matchrate Plus works, head over to  to watch video.



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